Basic Introduction to Electric Motors

Electric motors are a respectable part of the industrial production process, not only in Brazil but also in the world, based on a large number of equipment that use motors as well as a generator of power, 1.5 hp 56c motors the use of electric motors is responsible for the consumption of one third of all energy consumed in the country. In a world where energy efficiency becomes so present and necessary, since electric power is the possible solution for replacing ‘dirty’ energies like those by burning fossil fuel, reducing the energy consumption of electric motors is a crucial factor for the economy and sustainability of human society as a whole.

For some time now, laws have been in force that say that as of December 2009, all three-phase induction motors up to 250hp manufactured for use inside a country should be powered by high-efficiency electric motors. But how to achieve satisfactory levels of efficiency in the electric motors without causing a high cost the machine produced? The answer lies in the materials, insulation and techniques used for their construction.