Vector flow control

In order to achieve abundant conjugates at very smooth speed, even at zero velocity, as well as dynamic performances, it is necessary to apply a different control mode, that is, vector flow control or oriented flow control. The vector flow control focuses on modeling 1/2 hp motors the machine and transforming its equations in order to decompose the variables, flow and conjugate, and to separately control the Id and Iq currents. In fact, we consider that the coil D, fed by the direct current Id, created by the fixed flux of the ax d to which we feed the coil Q by a direct current Iq, there is the birth of a stream of the ax q.

We consider the biphasic asynchronous machine equipped with two orthogonal dummy coils, and is reserved to produce the flow and another to produce the conjugate. The two flows Fs and Fr are caused by the two sinusoidal currents Id and Iq. From there, it is also possible to consider that these coils are equivalent to two dummy poles, created by continuous currents, which makes it spin at a necessary speed as in the synchronous autotransformer motor.